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Vila Verde.The name charms us.The landscape dazzles ...

Located at14 KM from the city of Braga (in Portugal's North Region), the municipality of Vila Verde includes 58 communities, each with its own character and identity and its own traditions.

An inspirational territory with assets able to captivate visitors and tourists, convincing them to stay and enjoy the best of life!

Vila Verde, Where Love Happens!

ponte prado




This is one of the fantastic reasons to come to Vila Verde, also known as the 'Pica no Chão' Capital.Beyond the Cabidela Rice, we also highlight:"Rojões" (seasoned pork loin) from Minho, "Sarrabulho" Porridge, "Caldo Verde" (cabbage soup) or even Bean Rice and 'Netos' with Pataniscas.To all this, add a Municipality with a rich and creative pastry: Abade Priscos Pudding, the Regalados Sweet and Pastel Antonino.



Reference to the existence of traces of forts, Moorish castles, medieval walls, but as most important its rich historical and religious heritage.A visit to Ponte de Prado (Vila de Prado) is unmissable, as well as the Tower of Penegate (Carreiras S. Miguel), the stately Casa da Torre (Soutelo), the rare frescos of the old church (in Vila Verde) and the legendary Fojo do Lobo.Also, don't miss the Roman Way XIX and the Path of Santiago, the churches of Couceiro and Pedregais, and the rural clusters of Pequenina (In Casais de Vide, Aboim da Nóbrega) and Nogueira (Gondomar).

Vila Verde



Vila Verde has a sweeping, rugged and breathtaking landscape to the north; bucolic and romantic to the south.The territory is also crossed by several watercourses (Cávado, Homem and Neiva Rivers).

Highlighting one of the best canoeing clubs in the country, the Clube Náutico de Prado, which has produced some of the major national and even Olympic champions, such as Emanuel Silva, and has been noted in the organization of international competitions.



- Linen Museum, in Marrancos, the first museum dedicated exclusively to revisit all steps of the complex Linen cycle.

- Regalados Lands Museum, located at Pico de Regalados, gathers a valuable religious bundle of the oldest parishes that were part the extinct Terras de Regalados.

Museu do Linho


Events and Traditions

Vila Verde is notable for a set of robust and differentiating events that mark the municipality annual activities:

- Programming "February, Month of Romance" / February month
- Namorar Portugal Gala, / February 14th
- Sá de Miranda by Vila Verde Lands / Sixteenth-century Fair / May
- International Biennial of Young Art Vila Verde /June- July;
- Municipal Party in honor of St. Anthony / June
- Programming On Harvest Route / August to November
- Harvest Party/ October1st week Pilgrimage of NossaSenhoraof Relief (Soutelo);
- Party of NossaSenhoraof the Good Order (Cervães);
-Cattle Blessing in Santo António de Mixões da Serra

Discover the best places for accommodation, catering, bars and pastries we suggest so that you can fall in love with Vila Verde 'Where Love happens' ...