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Portugal brand is based on a sustained strategy that envisages the following objectives:

• Distinguish the brand and Namorar Portugal event;
• Promote internationally, the identity cultural icon of Vila Verde, the Valentine Handkerchiefs;
• Disseminate the products associated with the Flirt Portugal brand
• Report Vila Verde, as an international tourist destination on the theme of Love;

To this end, the following ACTIONS were identified:

International Competition for Fashion Creators / Namorar Portugal Gala
Promotional Sessions
• Fairs
• Launch of "Namorar Portugal, a brand with destiny" Promotional Material


See documents on file:

PDF: Brochure'Namorar Portugal, uma marca com destino'
PDF: Panels 'Namorar Portugal, uma marca com destino'
Movie :  'Namorar Portugal, uma marca com destino'