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New produts presented in 2015



Vinho Socalcos do Bouro Namorar Portugal, por Quinta do Cruzeiro.




Love and Taste Collection, por Xpepper




Paixão e Tradição, de Footnote




Cortiça com Amor, de Artecouro




Máscaras As Invertidas, de Márcia Silva




Joias Namorar Portugal 2015, por Marco Cruz Joalheiro




O Laço do Amor, por Decor Verde - Decoração de Interiores




Caixas de Amor, de O Meu Coração e o Teu, Juliana Gomes




Sombrinhas bordadas e guarda-chuvas estampados Namorar Portugal, por Marta Chambel




'Casas Comigo?', de Teciborda




Radiografia do Amor, por Bicho Bravo




Edição especial 'Lenços dos Namorados', por Luza




O Amor e a Arte, por Milinha




Capas bordadas, da Gatémia (créditos da foto: Bruno Ribeiro)




Sanjo Lovers, da ÀLinha (Créditos da Foto: ÀLinha)




Vinho Rosé Namorar Portugal, da Bonina (Créditos da Foto: Bruno Ribeiro)




Merchandising 'Já Namoras?', de Carlos Araújo




Chocolates Namorar Portugal: Bombom de espumante e frutos Vermelhos, da Chocolate com Pimenta




Amor da Joana, de Artesanato Joana




Prato para Tortas e Boleira, coleção 'Vila Verde', da Vista Alegre




Sardinhas Namoradeiras, de Bonecas Namorar Portugal, Pó de Arroz



In 2014 and previous years

Textile line - home of Namorar Portugal by of Lameirinho

Line of women's shoes for 'Mensagem de Amor' and gloves from the RStivali Shoe store.

Namorar Portugal line of chocolates from Chocolate com Pimenta

Line of wallets, archive and tablets' cases, from Footnote By US.

Office supply line, 'souvenirs', educational games and soap, by Bicho Bravo

Line of hand-painted raw wood furniture, by Mi-Linha.

Flirt Portugal 'flirty' Dolls, from Pó de Arroz.

The embroidered love letters
and recipes of love and friendship, from Decor Verde.

Era Uma Vez um Lenço (Once Upon a Handkerchief) ... is a promising concept of mixed traditional tales retold with the introduction of elements of Valentine Handkerchiefs, from Zaira Costa;

Marta Chambel's Fashion accessory Line,

A contemporary interpretation of Valentine Handkerchiefs ,fusing silkscreen and embroidery.CEARTE Partnership - Cooperative Aliança Artesanal.

Flirt Portugal jewelry line, from
Jeweller Marco Cruz brand.

Line of custom chairs, from Centare.

Showroom "House of Romance" / UCHI and Flirt Portugal brand partnership



The line of shoes for women 'Message of Love', released in 2013 by R. Stivali Shoe, had a huge impact at national and international level, with orders to follow each other via facebook-from countries like France, Brazil and Canada. This year, the main focus were the gloves.



One of the precursor product companies Flirt Portugal, the Chocolate com Pimenta, now has its own scarves inspired by Valentine, one of the catalysts for the sale and popularity of the chocolate brand handmade concept. This company has a line of chocolates Flirt Portugal.



The company Braga Footnote have a revolutionary concept of harnessing cameras air-tire vehicles to launch Us By line of handbags and folders for file and tablets, adding the reasons for Valentine embroidered handkerchiefs.



The brand of 'author' Bicho Bravo reached an enormous projection, and this year signed an agreement with the Municipality of Vila Verde safeguarding in the market. Office, 'souvenirs', educational games or soaps are part of the collection of scarves inspired by the risks of Valentine.

bicho bravo


Mi-Linha, the company's artisan Camila Silva, who also edge broadened the spectrum of products with reasons scarfs Valentine to raw wood furniture, hand painted, which has obtained a significant demand from consumers.



The dolls 'loveseats' Flirt Portugal, Rice Powder, fully handcrafted, had a largely positive impact, one of the most popular products launched in 2014.



The letters embroidered love and recipes of love and friendship, the Green Decor are a creative and innovative product that is a derivation of scarfs Valentine and the solution to this home decorating, with 30 years of history, keep the posts work and be distinguished from the competition.



Once Upon a Time ... one scarf is a promising concept mix of traditional fairy tales retold with the introduction of elements of Valentine scarves, designed by the illustrator Zaira Coast.



Winning the first two editions of the Contest Fashion Accessories 'Scarves Valentine, Writings of Love,' Marta Chambel launched in 2014, its line of fashion accessories, inspired by motives of scarfs Valentine.



A contemporary interpretation of Valentine scarves, fusing silkscreen and embroidery promises to give rise to new ideas for stamping on fabric with embroidery, reintroducing this art in everyday fashion. This idea resulted from a partnership between CEARTE and Craft Cooperative Alliance.



The launch of jewelry line Flirt Portugal, the brand Jeweler Marco Cruz, resulted in an all time high, gaining wide acceptance and demand on the international market (many European countries, Hong Kong and Thailand);



The Braga centare company launched in 2013, a line of custom chairs with hand-embroidered headrests, in partnership with Artisan Cooperative Alliance.



For the first time, Flirting Portugal had a showroom called House of Romance, a partnership with Uchi, business-building modular structures for housing and retail outlets.

casa romance